About 23Brushes's Paint Night


The Magic In The Brushes Epresses Art

Art is the connection of the soul and mind.

The brushes are the tools that are use as the gateway to expressIon. 

Use art to unleash the hidden creative nature.

Art is a excellent form of therapy. 

Art is the Gateway to your most inner child. 

Allow 23Brushes to come out and paint with you. 


Our Experience

23 brushes presents you with an event unparalleled by any other. 

Adult and family friendly we offer paint and sip services along with kid friendly paint party’s that teach expression through art. 

Our award winning founder, a behavior therapist, believes art is the language of trapped feelings and expression. 

Having implemented art into therapy session with disabled children who are nonvocal,

 she’s seen first hand how liberating art can be. 


Why book 23Brushes?

We strive to make every experience unique to our clients request. We are excited to host an paint and sip in the location of your choosing. 23Brushes will add that extra touch that will set your paint night in a class of it's own.

We provide the art supplies, table if needed, and break down the painting for you. 

we respect our clients and provide aprons and drop cloths for your protection.

Our award winning artist will set up and break down your art event.